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The next generation of Supra: The Toyota Supra FT-1 is no joke!

When someone uses words like “sexy”, “luxurious” or “fast” to describe a car, you already know how cool that car is. Well, the Toyota Supra FT-1 is a car that blends all those “tags” listed above. It is one amazing design that is supposed to be the next generation of Supra, and basically, that where

Russia hit 11 ISIS targets with cruise missiles from 900 miles away

Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, says four battleships launched a total of 26 cruise missiles on 11 ISIS targets in Syria, hitting them all. Additionally, there were no civilian casualties and the missiles were launched from 900 miles away. The video below was released by The Russian Defence Ministry and shows the missiles being launched.

Wanna Survive The Apocalypse? Then You Need One Of THESE!

Not only is it tough, it’s also fully functional inside. It’s fitted with stone floors, wood paneling, metal accents, a BOSE home theater, counters, tables, LED lighting and an induction cooktop. It’s got a lithium ion energy system too, meaning it has optimum energy efficiency… Ideal for the apocalypse!