These Teen Girls Were Taking A Selfie At School. What They Found In The Background Made Me Shudder.

The supernatural is intriguing to people all over the world. Ghosts are a concept you can find anywhere, but where people find them is part of the fun. Haunted basements, haunted attics, haunted hayrides and now, haunted high schools. Shows like Monster High prove that this scenario is packed with substance and could scare the pants off of anyone if executed properly. But what if it’s really haunted? This is the case for Rizal High School in the Philippines and no one seems to have an explanation.

Welcome To Scare School

This innocent-looking stone is the entrance to a school known for more than its size and the quality of its music program. This school is haunted and there is photographic evidence to prove it.
This School Holds A Guinness Record. What Does Yours Do?

In 1993, Rizal High School had the largest student body with almost 20,000 students! When you consider most American high schools educate 2000-3000 students in a year, Rizal High is rivaling most American universities in population size.
Now Known For More Than Size

Strange things happen here, sometimes. Students here do what students everywhere do: they take selfies. The unusual thing here is what those selfies contain (a little something “extra”). A lot of these were not noticed for days and when discovered, they would get passed around the school.
Hard To Focus On School When…

… cell phones are such a distraction in the classroom (well, they are, but that’s not what we’re talking about here). Needless to say, many students are nervous walking the halls alone. Most of us get the nervous butterflies in the halls of our high schools, but those are accompanied by that special someone that caught your eye. Usually, those butterflies are not due to a supernatural encounter. No one knows the girl in the corner. Someone’s got to call Ghostbusters!

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