US Coast Guard Busts Colombian Drug Runners Along With $181M Worth Of Cocaine After Discovering A Strange Blue Craft In The Ocean

When you’ve got to move a few thousand tons of cocaine up the coast and into American waters, you can’t just hop on a plane with some baggies taped to your crotch. Ships get searched all the time, and there’s no way you’re getting anything that large through the border without spending some major money. It might be more cost effective, and safer, to avoid the lawyers, cops and DEA and go where they never are.

When was the last time you saw a lawyer, cop, or DEA agent 200 miles off the coast of Mexico and skimming just below the surface? That’s exactly why drug-runners from Colombia decided to build themselves a private, semi-submersible craft with which they could stuff as many drugs and bodies as they please inside. They’ve been doing it for over a decade, but finding them in the vast ocean can be a real chore. That leaves smugglers an open window to ship as much as they can while the security in the oceans is still so low, usually being motivated by the fortunes to be made in spite of the risk.

This trip, they managed to fit 16 tons of cocaine into the hold of the 40 foot vessel and still manage to stay afloat. As the sub propelled itself towards North America, it was spotted by a US Navy Plane; something that U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Allyson Conroy says can be next to impossible.

>”All that you can see is the exhaust pipe and the cockpit from air, so they’re very difficult to see.”

As the US Coast Guard Cutter Stratton towed the boat ashore, it flooded and sank to the bottom of the East Pacific Ocean, taking around 4,000 pounds of cocaine with it. Officials were able to get 12,000 pounds off the doomed craft before it sank, but some say the fish had a little more energy that day as the Coast Guard motored away.

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